Dentist in Redondo Beach

At Catalina Dental, we understand the importance of having a dental practice that provides you with exceptional care. Our team is committed to serving each and every patient with attentive care and quality dental work. We provide a positive, open and warm environment, which is why we have had the same trusted team for years (for some, decades!) at a time and 3 generations of patients that we continue to take care of. Our practice takes a multidisciplinary approach to provide cosmetic, implant, perio, orthodontic, and general dentistry services. Our goal is to help restore and/or maintain your smile for life. Regardless of your goals, we are here for you when you need us.
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Our Practice's Mission:

To fulfill our mission of providing quality dental care to you and your family, we are committed to:
  • Staying up to date with latest techniques and equipment.
  • Ensuring a comfortable, relaxing environment.
  • Exceeding your expectations with our professionalism.

We Are Committed to Your Oral Health

At Catalina Dental, we are committed to ensuring your oral health is in excellent condition. We make this possible by attending to all dental issues, existing and potential, during your visit. Call today (424) 799-3522.
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